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2007-04-06  orveldv  

	Version 1.0.
	* Added the TAIL backend;
	* Added the SIMPLE backend;
	* Rewritten the INOTIFY backend from scratch for better reliability
	and performance;
	* Rewritten the init section (the stop option);
	* Fixed the output redirection of background jobs so that the ssh
	connections won't hang after starting logsend;
	* Fixed multiple issues with the live monitor:
		- word wrapping on the printed lines;
		- the user settings (the strings to search) are applied;
		- any user can now run multiple instances;
	* Added support for e-mail delays longer than one day;
	* Replaced all the relative paths with absolute paths;
	* Dropped the useless double-check of files, vars, execs;
	* Dropped the CACHE backend.

2007-01-11  orveldv  

	Version 0.5.
	* Fixed turning on/off colours for cmdline actions;
	* Fixed the dialog based interface; now editing strings & delays 
	works on old bash 2.05a.0.

2007-01-10  orveldv  

	Version 0.4.
	* Improved the CACHE backend;
	* Added test for the e-mail address format;
	* Fixed bug in init stop section which caused random processes kill;
	* Added installer;
	* Added dialog-based configuration tool.

	Version 0.3.
	* Added support for more than one file;
	* Added the INOTIFY backend;
	* Improved the init section.

	Version 0.2.
	* Added tests for files, vars, execs;
	* Added extra options for grep;
	* Improved the init section.

	Version 0.1. 
	* First version; watching only one file is possible.