"Centralized logs, to your e-mail."
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The main goal of logsend is to provide an easy way of receiving e-mail notifications about the changes to the logfiles, which makes it suitable for watching mainly the server activity.

Logsend acts like a unix daemon, it watches the specified files and mails the changes (additions) to your e-mail address. It can search for a pattern in the new added lines and send only those that match. It uses either the inotify kernel subsystem or the tail backend for the systems that don't support inotify (eg. the 2.4 linux kernels, or the non-linux ones).

Since it can watch any text file, it can be used in association with other (security) tools, such as Snort, if their output is redirected to a file. Log rotation is fully supported.

Logsend is entirely written in bash and comes with a dialog-based configuration tool, but configuring by hand is possible and straightforward. It also comes with a live file monitor, allowing users to watch the changes in real time. Any user can run an instance of logsend if the files to watch are readable.


  • 11 June 2007: Check this explanation about the white space support.
  • 06 April 2007: Logsend 1.0 released: changelog / download / requirements